Novel Engineering


The Lamprey Radio system contains disruptive metamaterial technology that is revolutionizing todays communication industry. Our radio technology uses new disruptive metamaterials that are controlled by embedded passive technology.


Using the specialized metamaterial and patented software/electronics, Lamprey operates with a software defined radio antenna. This approach allows us narrow the RF radiation from traditional omnidirectional, to a narrow directed beam.

Light, yet Powerful

For the warfighter specifically, we can reduce the 30 pounds of multiple radios to a single radio weighing less than 10 pounds. The Lamprey is essentially a phased array antenna the size of a postage stamp.

Power Consumption

The narrowed, focused, and directed beams result in a greater received power level which means the SDrA can use a lower transmit power level. Essentially, the SDrA will use significantly less power than traditional radios.

Intelligent Beam Steering

MIMO / best path without the use of phased arrays. Low probability of intercept / low probability of detection. Much more efficient than Phased Arrays.


Electrically Small Antenna

Lamprey Radios use a new novel technique for building electrically small antennas that outperform traditional antenna’s.

Beam Steerable RF

The beam is directed and controlled through the systemic application of an electrical field across the metamaterial creating a grid/array. This allows the RF signal that is produced within the metamaterial to “escape” selectively through the grid, thus steering the beam. The beam can also send RF omnidirectionally, like a traditional radio.

Real Life Applications

Real life use case for Lamprey include Voice Communication, Datalinks, Radar/Imaging, and Directed Energy. Our product mainly supports Military, First Responders and Transportaion Industries